2-Year Warranty
Chemical Free

Large Air Freshener Bag

Item# : 403703
Renewable, natural freshness is in the bag!
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200g: 13 cm x 18 cm
  • Problem & Solution
    Strongly scented foods, dirty laundry, gym bags, shoes, bins, nappy bins and litter boxes can all be sources of odours that range from unpleasant to downright obnoxious. Even worse, odours often linger long after the source has been removed. But aerosol air fresheners and scented candles containing “fragrances” that disperse harmful chemicals into the air are definitely not the answer. They only mask the odour, and they’re not good for your family’s health.
    Instead of using chemical-laden aerosols and candles that could harm your family or the environment, freshen and purify the air you breathe naturally.
  • How To Use
    • Hang or place near source of odour.
    • To rejuvenate, place the inner bag outside in the daylight every 1-3 months for at least an hour. Flip the bag over occasionally so all of the charcoal can rejuvenate.
    • If the bag accidentally gets wet, simply place it in direct sunlight to dry.
    • Mark the date on the inner bag so you know when to replace.
    • After the mineral-rich charcoal is exhausted as an air purifier, recycle by cutting the bag open and adding the charcoal to your garden to promote plant growth.
  • Features & Benefits
    •     Charcoal naturally and effectively absorbs odour from closets, pet areas, refrigerators, lockers and bathrooms.
    •     Two sizes for various uses
    •     75g bag is a great alternative to baking soda to absorb food odours in the refrigerator.
    •     Helps keep fruit, vegetables and other food fresher longer by absorbing ethylene gas and odours
    •     75g bag is also great for freezers, wine coolers, linen drawers, gym bags, shoes, lockers and hampers.
    •     200g bag covers 90 square feet, making it ideal for closets, bathrooms, cars, boats, pet areas, and laundry rooms.
    •     Each Air Freshener contains both an exterior bag and a money-saving replaceable inner bag.
    •     Beautiful exteriors are constructed of sustainable linen Flax fibers.
    •     Inner bags contain 100% Bamboo charcoal.
    •     Inner bags rejuvenate in sunlight to last up to two years.
    •     Non-toxic
    •     Fragrance-free
    •     Recyclable and biodegradable
    •     Safe on any surface
  • Did You Know?
    • Bamboo is among the fastest-growing plants. Young shoots can grow 1-4 metres overnight. Harvesting Bamboo has less impact on the environment and ecosystem compared to harvesting trees.
    • Many air fresheners are considered toxic because they can contain carcinogens, volatile organic compounds and phthalates. Some air fresheners also contain chemicals that trigger allergy and asthma symptoms.
    • Bamboo charcoal has millions of tiny, porous holes through which it absorbs impurities and excess moisture. It’s been shown to reduce harmful chemicals emitted from paint, carpeting, furniture, air fresheners, chemical cleaners, rubber and plastic.